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where to find property to buy cheap

Hi, my name is Bob Boog and I am a licensed real estate broker who lives about one hour north of Los Angeles. I have worked in real estate since 1978 and have been at the same location for over 30 years! Within that time period, I  have seen many real estate agents (and companies) both big and small come and go.


Where to find Real Estate Bargains & Killer Deals

Lately, real estate has become a hot topic for discussion because the Internet and YouTube has brought out a lot of information about how to find real estate bargains. Some good and others “Meh” – or NOT so good.

In addition, several reality TV “flipping” programs make finding bargain properties seem EASY. In fact, almost any day of the week you can watch savvy investors making money hand over fist buying and selling bargain real estate like it’s going out of style!


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There are TV shows like Flipping Vegas, Flipping Boston, Flipping San Diego…and on and on. In addition, there are even more TV programs like Millionaire Agents in NY, or Miami or Los Angeles that make it seem like you can make a few phone calls and arrange deals worth millions with just a handshake over drinks and appetizers!

So there is a LOT of interest in the subject of real estate and how to find bargain real estate and cheap, low-priced properties.

where to find property to buy cheap

And it begs the question: how can I get started flipping houses? Or better yet, How Can I Find a Bargain Home?

My  video course costs $55. Period. No up sells. No high pressure. And it that does NOT come complete with a phony college certificate, (like graduates of Trump University) To check it out, you can just click this LINK or PASTE:

Where I Find Bargain Homes for Sale

Having spent 30+ years in real estate, I have managed to find quite a few bargain houses and I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade. ( I had to in order to survive the ups and downs and crazy roller coaster life of a realtor. ) Some things I learned by accident. Others by luck. And I freely admit that I am NOT the smartest person in the room.

So YOU will probably be able to do this much better than me!

I admit, I have managed to stay slightly ahead of the pack – usually only by dumb luck or the grace of God. Not sure which, but I have also been blessed by the ability to ask profoundly stupid questions and/or make “dumb” moronic observations.  And I’m NOT trying to brag here. Lots of people on Facebook have told me so!

Yes, it’s true. People much smarter than me usually shake their heads when they hear me make one of my “brilliant” observations!

But sometimes other people will say, “Gee, I never thought of that!”

For example, when I was in first grade, I asked my brother “Why did the Wicked Witch of the West leave that bucket of water with all those flying monkeys flying around there in the kitchen? Wouldn’t she worry that one of THEM might douse her with water?”

My brother said, “Hmm, I never really thought about it like that.”

That’s the kind of thing that I’m talking about!!

Back to Where to Find Real Estate Bargains!

I live in a community (Santa Clarita, California) where homeowners trusted me to help them solve their house-selling problems. My wife is from Guatemala so we have helped many Hispanic clients. And one thing that I have noticed is that Hispanic people are great at networking!  Carlos, for example, will turn out to be the godfather of Maria de Jesus, the sister of Estella whom we sold the home to her mother Fernanda. Make sense?

Because of the proximity of downtown Los Angeles to where I work, most houses around here are expensive. And finding inexpensive homes is often DIFFICULT because there are A LOT of people looking for bargains.

Yet, I have been doing it for MANY years. So, “What’s the secret?”

Like I said, I’m NOT the smartest person reading this paragraph, which is why I am going to give you a link to my video course and you can even see if what I’m saying makes sense to you. Click the link and You will even get to learn one of my secrets for FREE!

The key to finding bargains then is something that has to do with networking. It’s NOT taught in any real estate school which is why I put together this video course on Udemy called, Finding Killer Real Estate Deals. 

Helpful Video Sales Course for Finding Real Estate Bargains

This video sales course has seven lessons that will take you about one hour to watch. The subject matter is finding real estate bargains and comes complete with sample contracts, deeds, forms, worksheets and even software!

If you are a house flipper, you might enjoy the software that I use to quickly analyze a property. In February 2014, a client used it to purchase a home that I recommended for $365,500. He put about 10k into the house, then resold it for $435,000.

So if you want to know how to find real estate bargains or just want to cynically pooh-pooh my ideas, visit my Finding Killer Real Estate Deals Udemy Course. It costs $55. And I could probably charge TRIPLE that amount but then I really wouldn’t be helping out folks who are new and just starting out, and that’s who this course is designed for.

Just click this LINK or PASTE:


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